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Why Yama’s Herbs?

Who is Yoshihiro Yamaguchi?

Yoshihiro Yamaguchi is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New York, as well as his native land of Japan. From 1965 - 1977, Yoshihiro Yamaguchi attended universities in Japan (including Acupuncture School in Hokkaido), United States and England. He is also certified in Chinese Herbology by the N.C.C.A.O.M. He has had the distinct pleasure of assisting one of Taiwan's masters of acupuncture, Master Lin Chin Yung. After becoming licensed in Japan, Yoshihiro Yamaguchi moved to the United States, where he continues to practice with over 40 years of experience and clinical expertise. He has served as Chief Acupuncture Practitioner and Supervisor at such facilities as the Atkins Medical Center for Complementary Medicine and the Ronald Hoffman Holistic Center.

What Makes Yama's Herbs Special?

Customers should trust Yama's Herbs combinations because of Yoshihiro Yamaguchi's over 40 years of experience and clinical expertise. He knows that herbs act in almost magical and astonishing ways. All of Yama's Herbs products are 100% natural and safe and blended and packaged in the USA, containing natural derivatives and herbs that are grown organically on the farmlands of 5 distinct regions in China. There are over 400 kinds of organic herbs combined to make the finest quality combinations for Yama's Herbs, which are prepared in USDA, OGAP, TGPP, CGMP certified farms and factories, assuring low environmental impact practices and the maintenance of a high level of respect, integrity and fairness to the farmers. With Mother Nature as our guide, we can't go wrong with herbs and dynamic combinations, as they can be extremely effective. Yama's Herbs and its combinations are based upon the ageless wisdom of Chinese Herbalogy, as well as Kampo medicine and its extraordinary herbal systems technique. The purpose behind our combinations was developed to have a maximum impact on the tissues, organs and systems they feed. Some herbs are combined to give the benefits needed from each, some to give a boost to others, some to boost the body with healing energies. Our combination herbs are also free from the side effects associated with synthetic drugs.
Yama's Herbs stand proud behind the practice of…

OGAP (Organic certified Good Agricultural Practices):

Our Standard Operating Practices (SOP) is a highly unique one, as we pride ourselves in creating the finest and cleanest herb combinations possible, thus, making cleaner herbs than other GAP herbs. Yama's Herbs and its manufacturer are the first to use Heavy Ion Beam (HIB) to sterilize the herbs. This new technology enables Yama's Herbs to be free of:
  • radiation residue (we do not use radiation Co60)
  • chemical residue (we do not use the chemical pesticides)
  • cell mutation because we do not use ultraviolet processing
  • Yama's Herbs contain less than 10ppm SO2, as we do not bleach our herbs with sulfur gas or other chemicals.
TGPP (Traditional treated Good Processing Practices
The 40 traditional treatments used by Yama's Herbs and its manufacturer, enhance the herbs and strengthen their function and detoxification. Therefore our herbs have the same function described in the classic BANCAO herb book. It's our belief that traditional practices should not sacrificed.
CGMP (Current standard Good Manufacturing Practices):
Yama's Herbs and its manufacturer only produce its herbal formulae in GMP factories, which meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its current standards. Our products correspond with the guidelines for quality assurance against the use of food and color additives, animal drugs, human drugs, and biological products, human medical devices, diagnostic products, and electronic products.