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Male Sexual Dysfunction

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Traditional Kampo and Chinese medicine are based upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbalogy with its extraordinary healing methods. Yama's Herbs are offered by Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, L.Ac., who possesses over 40 years of knowledge in the field of the Oriental Healing arts. All of Yama's Herbs are 100% natural and are specifically customized for each individual's health care needs. Come and join the other satisfied customers who have enjoyed the results of Yama's Herbs. Simply order todayIt works 


Impotence is generally referred as the inability or difficulty to engage in sexual intercourse due to erectile failure.  The cause of this can be classified into psychological, neurological disorder, vascular disorder, organic disorder such as diabetes. 

In Kampo medicine, symptoms related to the sexual organs like erectile dysfunction are connected to the performance of the Kidney, Liver and the blood.   In terms of treatment, Kampo medicine focuses on improvement of the performance of Kidney and Liver, as well as the blood that maintains the vital energy as a basic substance organizing the whole body.  In addition, the health practitioners need to consider the factors such as dampness, heat, and evil Qi of toxins. 


   Revitalizing Tea

       -Lack of libido
       -Mental fatigue
       -Physical fatigue




Effective Herbs:
Ginseng Root, Cinnamon and Coptis moderates agitation by replenishing Qi and improving spleen performance. Rehmania, Corni Fructus, and Discorea improve immunity by supplementing Ying Qi and improving Kidney performance.

In Chinese Herbology Term:

Rehmania works for Tonify Yin and Tonify Spleen. Cinnamon Bark for Qi circulation and improvement of flow in meridian lines. Ginseng Root is for Tonify Qi and Tonify Spleen. Alisma, Atractylodes Rhizome, and Poria remove dampness and ease side-affect of Tonify Yang medicine.