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Traditional Kampo and Chinese medicine
are based upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbalogy with its extraordinary healing methods. Yama's Herbs are offered by Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, L.Ac., who possesses over 
40 years of knowledge in the field of the Oriental Healing arts. All of Yama's Herbs are 100% natural and are specifically customized for each individual's health care needs. Come and join the other satisfied customers who have enjoyed the results of Yama's Herbs. Simply order todayIt works 


Hypertension is a medical condition in which one's systolic blood pressure is over 160 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure is below 95 mmHg.  It can be classified as primary hypertension and secondary hypertension.  Primary hypertension is due to an unidentifiable cause whereas secondary is the result of another medical condition.  A person with hypertension is at a higher risk of various complications, such as strokes, heart attacks and nephropathy (kidney disorder).

In Kampo medicine, the cause of hypertension is thought to be Liver Kidney Deficiency Yin and elevated Liver Yang.  In terms of treatment, Kampo medicine focuses on lowering down Liver Yang, as well as maintenance of Liver Chi.


   Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Tea
(For weak body type)

       -Imbalance autonomic nervous system
       -Mental instability 





   Stephania & Astragalus Tea
   (For strong body type)

       -Constant sweating 




In Chinese Name: 柴胡加竜骨牡蠣湯 (Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Tea)
In Pinyin: Xiao Chai Hu Tang

In Chinese Name: 防己黄耆湯 (Stephania & Astragalus Tea)
In Pinyin: Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang