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Sleeping Disorder

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There are various patterns of sleeping disorders.  One pattern is difficulty falling asleep, another pattern has no difficulty falling asleep but wakes up several times in the middle of the night, another experiences the mix of both patterns.  Sleeping disorder resulting from psychological factors may be treated with psychological therapies as well as drug therapy with anti-depressants and sleeping pills. 

Kampo medicine explains sleeping disorder in a very different way.   It classifies the cause of sleeping disorder as one due to Deficiency Pattern and Excess Pattern.  In the case of Deficiency Pattern, one's heart performance is in decline due to the insufficiency of Qi and Blood.   In the case of Excess Pattern, one's heart performance is in an abnormal state due to Evil Qi causing heat and Blood stagnation.  In terms of treatment, stabilization of Shin and Tonify Qi and Blood is essential for the Deficiency Pattern.  For the Excess Pattern, the treatment focuses on cooling down the internal body temperature, Circulate Qi, and removal of Blood stagnation.


   Sleep Well Tea

       -Shallow sleep with frequent dreams




Effective Herbs:
Poria and Zizyphus ease irritability and stabilize mood swings. Bupleurum improves flow of Liver Qi, which contributes to better circulation of Qi throughout endocrine glands, liver, and autonomic nerves. It also relieves clogged Qi flow. Astragalus improves mood by supplementing Qi. Lily Bulb and Polygala stabilize mood swings by fever caused by YinYang imbalance.

In Chinese Herbology Term:

This combination of herbs is effective for insomnia treatment. Bupleurum improves flow of hepatic Qi, and relieves clogged Qi flow; therefore, stabilizing mood swings. Astragalus supports to reform Shen activity, and normalizes one's sleeping routine. Poria, Zizyphus, and Polygala are effective for easing agitation. In addition to these herbs, Dragon Bone is used to calm one's agitated mind.