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Traditional Kampo and Chinese medicine
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Constipation is referred as a condition of the digestive system in which a person experiences difficulty expelling feces for over three days. Serious illnesses such as acute peritonitis and intestinal blockage can cause constipation, but in most cases, it occurs from an unbalanced diet and lifestyle. If not treated for a long time, constipation gradually accumulates toxins in the body, resulting in obesity, and skin problem.

In Kampo medicine, the cause of constipation can be classified as either Deficiency Pattern (the more common of the two) or Excess Pattern. In the case of Deficiency Pattern, it is essential to Tonify Qi, thus, improving the performance of the spleen and intestines. In the case of Excess Pattern, it is important to remove dampness, internal body temperature, and toxins out of the body along with the treatment to improve bowel movement.


   Colon Cleanser Tea

       -Bloated stomach 
       -Discomfort in upper abdomen 
       -Gassy stomach




Effective Herbs:
Rhubarb and Aurantium Fructus improve the bowel movement by cooling down internal body temperature. They also support the colon performance by normalizing Qi circulation. Hemp Fruit and Thuja Oriental Semen also improve the bowel movement by hydrating colon.

In Chinese Herbology Term:

Rhubarb and Mirabilitum improve the bowel movement, especially clearing accumulated excrement by promoting Clearing Heat. Trichosanthes and Aurantium Fructus circulate Qi, and improve the colon performance by stimulating the colon. Hemp Fruit and Thuja Orientales Semen hydrate the colon and soften excrement. This is a well-balanced combination of herbs that helps discharging of excrement by strong stimulation and hydration of the colon. It is effective for various types of constipation.