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Detoxifying Tea (Capsules)

Symptoms :
-Alternate of constipation and diarrhea
-Irregular bowel movement
-Low energy
-Bad breath and foulsmelling gas and stools
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Type: Capsules type (also avilable in Powder)

Cinnamon, Dragon Bone, Ginger, Ginseng, Jujube, Moutan, Scutellaria, Zhizome

Effective herbs:
Rhubarb, Scutellaria and Moutan improve bowel movement by cooling down internal body temperature and removing toxins out of a body. Coptis, Atractylodes Rhizome, and Coix release excessive water and toxins out of body. As a result, these herbs help one to calm down and to have a peaceful mind.

In Chinese Herbology Term:
For this tea, Rhubarb and Scutellaria are used as main combination of herbal medicine. These herbs improve bowel movement by removing dampness and toxins out of system. Moutan removes toxins in blood. Coptis, Atractylodes Rhizome and Coix also work on detoxification. Ginseng and Cinnamon promote Tonify Qi and healthy spleen activity. They also protect True Qi from getting damaged in the process of detoxification.

For adults, take 3 capsules at a time. 2-3 times a day or as directed by health practitioner

One bottle contains 90 capsules. If taken as directed, the contents should last around two weeks

In general, you should feel results in approximately two weeks. The effectiveness of the herbs on your system will depend on your physical condition at the outset of ingestion