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Antacid Stomach Tea (Powder)

Symptoms :
-Acid reflux
-Nausea due to gastric acid
-Burning sensation of the throat
-Intermittent pain in the abdomen  (severe pain when stomach is empty and less pain after consuming food)
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Type: Powder type (also avilable in Capsules)

Cardamon, Corydalis, Costus Root, Galaga (Poria), Licorice, Mantis, Rorotsuu, Tangerine Peel

Effective herbs:
Citrus supports normalization of Qi circulation and the performance of stomach and spleen (transforming food and water into body fluid, production of Yang Qi and transmitting it throughout a body). Corydalis and Fennel reduce pains by improving Qi flows in the meridian lines.

In Chinese Herbology Term:
In this combination of herbs, Citrus, Corydalis, and Fennel work on reduction of pain by supporting Circulate Qi. Cardamon and Mantis also work on reduction of pain as well as amount of acid in the stomach by improving Qi flow. Galaga and Licorice normalize performance of the stomach and spleen by maintaining Middle Barner.

For adults, add 3 grams (3 measured spoons) into warm water as tea. 2-3 times a day or as directed by health practitioner

One bottle contains 100 grams of herbal formula. If taken as directed, the contents should last around two weeks

In general, you should feel results in approximately two weeks. The effectiveness of the herbs on your system will depend on your physical condition at the outset of ingestion