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Tangkuei & Gardenia Tea (Capsules)

Symptoms :
-Facial paralysis
-Allergic rhinitis
-Congealed blood
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Type:  Capsules type (also avilable in Powder)

In Chinese Character:
In Pinyin: Wen Qing Yin


Numbness or pain in feet and hands, Dampness, Congealed blood, Stiffness when moving, Paralysis or pain due to stroke, Facial paralysis, Cramps, Anemia, Uterine bleeding, Eczema, High blood pressure, Allergic rhinitis

Coptis Stem, Gardenia Fruit, Ligusticum Root, Phellodendron Bark, Rehmannia (Cooked) Root, Rehmannia (Fresh) Root, Scute, Tangkuei Root, White Peony

For adults, take 3 capsules at a time. 2-3 times a day or as directed by health practitioner

One bottle contains 90 capsules. If taken as directed, the contents should last around two weeks

In general, you should feel results in approximately two weeks. The effectiveness of the herbs on your system will depend on your physical condition at the outset of ingestion