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Menstrual Tea (Capsules)

Symptoms :
- Irregular Menstruation
- Menstrual Pain
- Endometrisis
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Type: Capsules type (also avilable in Powder)

Atractylodes, Cinnamon, Paeonia, Poria, Rehmanniae radix, Tang Kuei

Effective herbs:
Every woman has probably experienced menstrual pain and some may be relying on over-the-counter painkillers to treat it. In Kampo medicine, the cause of menstrual pain is related to disturbed blood circulation and disturbed mood. This combination of herbs helps to restore a healthy balance of all bodily functions by moderating the blood circulation and nutritional status.

In Chinese Herbology Term:
It is important to restore healthy blood circulation and energy when treating menstrual pain. Tang Kuei and Paeonia restore health to the body by replenishing the blood and energy. Poria and Atractylodes combination moderates the level of Liver Qi so that Liver Qi would not disturb the performance of other internal organs. Cinnamon reduces pain during menstruation by removing stagnated blood and dampness from the circulation.

For adults, take 3 capsules at a time. 2-3 times a day or as directed by health practitioner

One bottle contains 90 capsules. If taken as directed, the contents should last around two weeks

In general, you should feel results in approximately two weeks. The effectiveness of the herbs on your system will depend on your physical condition at the outset of ingestion