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Digestion Tea (Capsules)

Symptoms :
- Gastritis
- Gastric Pain
- Peptic Ulcer
- Gastrectasis
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Type: Capsules type (also avilable in Powder)

Black cardamom seed, Cinnamon, Corydalis, Fennel fruit, Ginseng, Lesser galangal rhizome, Poria

Effective herbs:
This combination of herbs is recommended for people whose stomach muscle may be rather soft and are experiencing symptoms such as stomachache, occasional belching, heart burn, nausea and loss of appetite. It is also very effective in treating chronic gastritis, nervous gastritis, hyperacidity and/or weak stomach.

In Chinese Herbology Term:
Cold pathogenic factors accumulated during the cold season/interior environment cause symptoms like stomachaches, nausea and diarrhea. Corydalis is effective in treating Qi stagnation caused by these substances. Cinnamon warms up the whole body by bringing in more Yang energy. Funnel fruit reduces pain by removing Cold from the body. Hoelen removes dampness accumulated by weakened Spleen Qi. By elevating Spleen Qi, Liver Qi begins to flow smoothly throughout the body. As a result, pain in the stomach region is reduced greatly.

For adults, take 3 capsules at a time. 2-3 times a day or as directed by health practitioner

One bottle contains 90 capsules. If taken as directed, the contents should last around two weeks

In general, you should feel results in approximately two weeks. The effectiveness of the herbs on your system will depend on your physical condition at the outset of ingestion