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About Kampo

Kampo Medicine (also known as Kanpo) was originally introduced from the Han Dynasty in China to Japan. It literally means the "Han Method" referring to the herbal system of China that was developed during that dynasty. Although Kampo incorporates the most famous and popular of the Oriental healing methods, which include acupuncture and moxibustion, it is primarily the utilization of herbal formulae that makes this form of healing and its naming so effect, popular and well known.

Brief history:
In actuality, Kampo was initially developed as far back as the early 200s B.C. Kampo history is absolutely fascinating and there is a lot of literature out there with some incredible facts and pictures. The introduction of Kampo to Japan arrived primarily during the 7th and 9th Centuries A.D. It was during this time that the "Guide" to herbal medicine and other holistic theories of treatment from China, were compiled, edited and released under the name, ISHIMPO, in Japan.

                      Seisyu Hanaoka (1760-1835)

Although there was a slight set back in the treatment of diseases with Kampo, there were renowned physicians by the name of Otsuka, Keisetsu and Yakazu, Domei who resurrected this form of treatment during the rise of Western medicine. There were also such prominent Japanese physicians as Tashiro, Sanki, Goto, Gonzan and Yashimosu, Todo who make a profound mark on Kampo medicine history. As is the case with acupuncture having originated in China, Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, L.Ac., was first introduced to Kampo Medicine at a very early age in Japan. It was there that he experienced its incredible impact and healing capabilities. His life was dramatically changed after his in-depth study of Kampo, Acupuncture and Moxibustion along with the entirety of Oriental medicine. Yoshihiro Yamaguchi then decided to dedicate his life towards the practice of these Oriental healing medicines/arts over the last thirty some-odd years dealing primarily from his clinic in Manhattan. What more can be said? The stuff works. ( For further information please refer to the books listed at the end of this page.)

Current day relevance:
During the last 25 years the Japanese Ministry of Health formally approved of the usage of these traditional Chinese herbal formulae, along with similar formulae based and developed in Japan, with the government's pride of strict quality control. As Yoshihiro Yamaguchi's continues to use Kampo in his everyday practice, he ultimately felt compelled to launch his own line of herb formulae now called, YAMA'S HERBS.

So, you are one of the first to try his unique brand of this ancient art of healing! Yoshihiro Yamaguchi's YAMA'S HERBS., along with Kampo medicine, is on the rise, as Western Medicine is slowing being forced to contend with herbal methodology and its profound healing affect felt by the individual. We welcome you to experience Yama's Herbs for yourself!

Primary source:
Article: KAMPO MEDICINE, The Practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Japan, Dharmananda, Subhuti, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon.

Reference: All references are well documented in above article and are too many for this website's purpose.  For even more information, please enquirer into any books which include the history and the nature of KAMPO MEDICINE.
Thanking you for taking your time to get a very brief look into Kampo Medicine, an oriental art/method of healing.

Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, L.Ac.
(Licensed in New York and Japan)