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Traditional Kampo and Chinese medicine are based upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbalogy with its extraordinary healing methods. Yama's Herbs are offered by Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, L.Ac., who possesses over 40 years of knowledge in the field of the Oriental Healing arts. All of Yama's Herbs are 100% natural and are specifically customized for each individual's health care needs. Come and join the other satisfied customers who have enjoyed the results of Yama's Herbs. Simply order todayIt works 


As a woman reaches her mid-40's to early 50's, the ovaries gradually produce lower levels of Estrogen and Progesterone. This affects the central nervous systems, and often results in symptoms such as hot-flashes, night sweats, migraines, ringing of the ear, fatigue, joint pain, and urinary frequency. Remedies for menopause are available at Yama’s Herbs.

In Kampo medicine, menopause is interpreted as a physiological phenomenon in which the functions of the genital organs decline due to weakened Kidney Qi. During this time, the balance between Yin and Yang in a person changes greatly, and for some people it becomes a psychologically and physically challenging period in their lives. Remedies for menopause are helpful in treating these changes. In terms of treatment, Kampo medicine focuses on maintaining the balance of Qi in the whole body rather than treating each individual symptom. 


   Menopausal Tea

       -Hot flash
       -Shallow sleep with frequent dreams




Effective Herbs:
Bupleurum and Peony release clogged Qi in hepatic passage, and improve flow of Qi. Citrus Kotakan, Pinellia, Poria, and Atractylodes remove dampness and sputum, and improving Qi flow in Middle Barner (area from entrance to stomach to entrance to the small intestine) by regulating gastric activity.

In Chinese Herbology Term:

As main herbal substance, Bupleurum and Peony release clogged Qi in hepatic passages by regulating activity of Qi. As Er Chen Tang, it removes dampness and phlegm, and let Middle Barner Qi flow well. In addition, Tang Kuei is used for moderation of passages and improvement of Qi flow. By adding other herbs, the effectiveness will be multiplied.