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Spring is finally here!

The sun is out and we can enjoy spending time outside at last - but some people need to be more concerned about their allergies. Do you want to go outside enjoying a warm weather, but the runny nose and watery eyes holding you back? Don’t worry, Yama’s Herbs can help you!


Q. Talk to us about spring allergies:


Yamaguchi: Seasonal allergies are an allergic reactions to a trigger that is typically only present for parts of the year. Allergies occurs in Spring (late April and May) are often due to pollen. As warm weather approaches, pollen from trees, weeds and grasses create airborne allergen. Mold can also be a seasonal allergy trigger. Common allergy symptoms are;


- Runny nose

- Watery eyes

- Itchy nose, eyes and roof of mouth

- Sneezing

- Stuffy nose

- Pressure in the nose and cheeks

- Dark Circles under the eyes

- Hives


These symptoms are triggered by chemical called histamines - When a body encounters the pollen, the immune system mistakenly sees it as foreign invaders, releasing antibodies. The antibodies attack the allergens, which leads to the release of histamines into the blood.


Q. How can I manage my allergies?


Yamaguchi: There are popular over-the-counter drugs like Benadryl or Chlor-trimetron, which releases antihistamines to combat the allergic response. Although these allopathic medicines are very effective at treating allergic symptoms, they are heavy in side-effects such as drowsiness and immune system suppression. Those people who are seeking natural and effective alternatives, you are in the right place!


Traditional Chinese Medicine / Kampo Medicine offers treatments free of side-effects. In TCM perspective, allergic rhinitis are related to Wind, as the symptoms come and go rapidly. A person with allergies may have a deficiency of Wei Qi, which performs as resistance to colds and other respiratory infections. The weathers in the spring is generally windy, and so a person with Deficiency Wei Qi is particularly vulnerable to allergens and cold-causing organisms during this season.  Thus TCM focus on treating this state of Deficiency Wei Qi and immune system imbalance.


Q. What are other suggestions for managing my allergies?


Yamaguchi: Although avoiding allergen completely is impractical, there are several things you can do to reduce contact with the allergens.


Dust off your clothes and hair before you enter the house. Take shower or bathe before bedtime, and wash off pollen and other allergens in you hair and on your skin. Avoid going outside on dry, windy days. Keep windows and doors shut. Use an air purifier or AC at home.


After allergy symptoms are managed effectively with acupuncture and herbal medicines, we can begin to address the long term plan of modifying the person’s response to the allergens.  


Q. Which herbal formula do you recommend for allergy symptoms?


Yamaguchi: I have some great herb combinations that will effectively treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies. They are;


0203C Easy-Breather Tea (Capsules)

0203 Easy-Breather Tea (Powder)


Yamaguchi: If allergy and spring cold symptoms have you feeling run down, try:


0214 Energy Booster Tea (Powder)


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