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Traditional Kampo and Chinese medicine
are based upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbalogy with its extraordinary healing methods. Yama's Herbs are offered by Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, L.Ac., who possesses over 
40 years of knowledge in the field of the Oriental Healing arts. All of Yama's Herbs are 100% natural and are specifically customized for each individual's health care needs. Come and join the other satisfied customers who have enjoyed the results of Yama's Herbs. Simply order todayIt works 


A headache is defined as pain in the head or upper neck, with the pain being above the eyes or the ears, behind the head or in the back of the upper neck. The pain varies in severity from feeling heavy in the head to splitting headache. It is one of the most common locations of pain in the body and has many causes.

The causes of headache have not been entirely explained by medical research. Yet so far the pain is thought to be caused by a disturbance of the pain-sensitive structures around the brain as well as by other problems elsewhere in the body, such as brain tumor, cerebral arteriosclerosis, eyes, nose and kidney diseases. The typical migraine affects one-half of the head, causing moderate to severe pain, and it is often accompanied by nausea, ringing-ear, dizziness, and flashing-light sensations in the eyes. The specific cause of migraine is still under investigation, but we know it can be affected by the weather. It is more common in women than men, especially among those who are going through absence of or irregular menstruation and menopause. As for the headache treatment, it is good to maintain good sleep habits and balanced diet and avoid snacking after dinner.

In Kampo medicine, it is believed that headaches are caused by “wind” and “phlegm”. “Wind” is defined as toxins accumulated by external habits such as excessive diet, and “phlegm” represents toxins in liquid form. In another words, headaches are caused when the body releases the accumulated toxins in the system as phlegm. Headaches can also be caused by poor blood circulation throughout the meridians which appear as menstrual problem in women.


   Bupleurum & Peony Tea
(For weak body type)






   Persica & Rhubarb Tea
   (For strong body type)

       -Menstrual irregularity




In Chinese Name: 加味逍遥散 (Bupleurum & Peony Tea)
In Pinyin: Jia Wei Xiao Yao San

In Chinese Name: 桃核丞気湯 (Persica & Rhubarb Tea)
In Pinyin: Tao He Cheng Qi Tang