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Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain (lumbar pain) is triggered by combinations of excessive movement, muscle strain, or injury to the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine. Studies show chronic muscle strain can lead to an overall imbalance in the spinal structure. Since the back is connected to many muscle groups that are responsible for moving the lower extremities, flexing, extending, and rotating; when there is a strain or constant tension on the muscles, the back is then prone to injury or re-injury. Occasionally, lower back pain may “radiate” from the original area to a disorder or injury elsewhere in the body, thus, it is important to treat the symptoms early to prevent further discomfort.

In Kampo medicine, lower back pain is due to invasion of pathogenic cold and dump in meridians. There is usually a deficiency of kidney Qi, and a stagnation of Qi and blood, thus producing low back pains.


   Rehmannia Eight Tea

       -Acute lower back pain or soreness
       -Bladder calculus
       -Enlarged prostate




In Chinese Name: 八味地黄丸 (Rehmannia Eight Tea)
In Pinyin: Ba Wei Di Huang Wan