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Traditional Kampo and Chinese medicine are based upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbalogy with its extraordinary healing methods. Yama's Herbs are offered by Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, L.Ac., who possesses over 40 years of knowledge in the field of the Oriental Healing arts. All of Yama's Herbs are 100% natural and are specifically customized for each individual's health care needs.
He offers over 400 kinds of organic natural herbs and herb remedies approved and certified by the USDA and his line includes 38 types of natural herbal remedy combinations.




Regain your body’s natural balance by relieving stress and
promote the relaxation of the mind and body.



Soothe your body by cleansing it of toxins with herbal teas.
Help support the body in ridding potentially harmful toxins.



Promote a balanced body with combinations of Chinese herbs to enhance your health and lifestyle.


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     Custom-made herbs also available

               You can create your own herb combination to suit your unique symptoms and body conditions.

               Order custom-made herbs for the following reasons:

                 -You can take herbs suit to your body and symptoms
                 -You can change strengths of dosage
                 -You can select dosage formula
                 -You can take herbs a long time

                Custom-made herbs require 
in-person consultation at the Yamaguchi Acupuncure Clinic

Herbology is among the more significant philosophies employed in traditional Chinese medicine. Every herbal medicine prescription is often a mixture of several herbs customized for the individual person. A single batch of herbs is normally boiled and extracted twice during a span of one hour. The provider commonly designs a remedy utilizing a couple of primary ingredients that concentrate on the condition. Then the provider includes several other ingredients to modify the formula to the sufferer's yin and yang. Occasionally, additional ingredients are required as it is believed to offset toxicity or potential side-effects from the primary ingredients. Various herbs call for the usage of additional ingredients as catalyst otherwise the tincture is deemed to be ineffective. These steps demand vast experience as well as practical knowledge, and make a big difference between exactly what is acknowledged as a good Chinese herbal physician and an amateur. In contrast to western medicines, the balance and interaction of the ingredients are believed to be more essential as compared to the impact of particular individual ingredients. The key to good results in traditional Chinese medicine is the treatment of every patient as an individual.

Chinese herbology frequently utilizes elements from virtually all parts of plants, which include the leaf, stem, flower, and root, and often these Chinese herbal remedies tend to be prepared in numerous ways. Raw herbs may be boiled and consumed as a tea. Some prepared Chinese herbs are available as pills, tablets and capsules. An additional preparation technique is using the extract form, where small doses of herb remedies are consumed from a dropper.

Yama's Herbs provides a wide variety of high-quality Chinese herbs and Japanese Kampo for all of your herbal remedy needs!